Thursday, March 17, 2011

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization makes your website to get the top position in Search Engine Results.
For Example:
If you are searching a keyword "Best Hotels in Chennai" in ", you will get a 10 results in the first page of You have to get your hotel website in the top 10 results. Most Probably, visitors will not navigate to next page. If your website is not in top 10 results of the first page, You will miss u customer. Now a days, every people are interested to get information through only Internet from Hairpin" to "Aeroplane".  Hence, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best process to improve your website in the search engines in top positions.

What is Search Engines?

There are lot of Search Engines in the world.

Some of the Top Search Engines are Google  - 71.59% of visitors all around the world.
                                                      Yahoo -  14.28% of visitors all around the world.
                                                      Bing -  9.87% of visitors all around the world.
                                                      Ask - 2.28% of visitors all around the world.
                                                      Aol Search - 1.18% of visitors all around the world.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

In my seo experience, many of the clients asked me, why they have to do Seo for your website. Because, they have a big common doubt that they can pay for classifieds and get the customers instead of paying for seo. But if you have take classifieds, you can't find your website individually, it will be listed along with your competitors.  So, you can't expect, that every visitors will come to your website, there is more chance forcustomer to go for your competitor website, instead of your website. If your website stands in top position more than the classifieds, there is no other option, straight away the customer will reach your website. So, Search Engine Optimization is the best process for making your website to get top ranking in search engines and get a good conversion in sales.

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